About us

It all began with a dream, passion, intuition and courage.

Once upon a time there was a passionate dreamer who wanted to create a unique, out of the box, revolutionary place. It was 1994, when Guido Lembo turned his greatest fantasy into reality and switched on the lights of the Taverna Anema & Core for the first time.

It’s nothing like Neapolitan nostalgic music of the past, but rather a place where humanity’s musical heritage is pure contamination.

Semplicity, carefreeness, irony and Neapolitanity are added to the mix, a real tribute to the Italian lifestyle.

The Italian

Celebrities in Anema e Core

Many are the guests, National and International, who contributed to the success and the myth of the Taverna. Celebrities from the fashion world to Hollywood stars, from football to NBA players, from the world pop scene to royal families.

Who knows who the person sitting next to you could be!

Let’s name a few…

Dolce e Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Naomi Campbell, sicuramente Fabio Cannavaro e Ciro Ferrara, ma anche Francesco Totti, Pippo Inzaghi, Gattuso, Crespo; Micheal Jordan, LeBron James, Leonardo Di Caprio, Beyoncè e Jay Z, Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Skin, Lenny Kravitz, Chiara Ferragni, Fedez, Flavio Briatore.

Gianluigi, people’s enchanter

Gianluigi Lembo, began duetting with his father, becoming the new voice of the Anema and Core Band: a performer with a gentle soul, a kind smile, a people’s enchanter with music in his blood.

A family

Sometime father and son perform together. They either alternate or stand side by side, warming people’s hearts and entertaining the audience while telling the story of Anema and Core, rewritten note after note.

Gianluigi is the bearer of the artistic-musical renewal, he is the conqueror of young people who follow him inside and outside Anema and Core, for exclusive events related to fashion and entertainment. If Guido represents the last chansonnier, Gianluigi boasts qualities of a leader with a  particular savoir faire. Tradition has never been so contemporary thanks to him.

Attention !!!

During an evening in which they both perform you could be conquered by the voice and the fun  musical teasing of Guido or by the irony, the lightness and grace of Gianluigi, who entertains and amuses above all the younger ones.

Off we go!

The soundtrack of Anema e Core is a unique musical combination of the classical Neapolitan repertoire mixed with Latin American, old Italian songs, American pop, beat, rock and latest summer hits.

Songs that cannot miss in the evening playlist are:  O sudato ‘nnammurato, Reginella, Femmena, O Sarracino, Volare, Felicità, YMCA, Pretty Woman, La Bamba, Despacito.
Medleys are the star of the evenings and never the same because the atmosphere is always different,  creating unique live scenarios involving the public, staff  and the band.

Anema and Core Night: NO to dress code, YES to fun

Each evening is unique. Music is the entertainment and the live shows are always full of instruments: sax, classical guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums and much more.

Where else would you find a place where all customers are friends?
The real strength of Anema and Core is its high level of hospitality.
The energy and enthusiasm affect everyone, the public is at the center of the show.

You can dance and sing on the tables or perform with the band . Because he who hesitates is lost!

After choosing a bottle of Champagne, you are invited to sit on a “throne” located in the cellar area, to be then raised and carried to the center of the room as a Roman emperor; whereas those who stay at their table are accompanied during the evening by the exuberant “rocket bottles”.

Tambourines, flags, wigs, personalized bottles … many are the gadgets given to guests, but one of the most fun gifts remains Costanzo’s performance, director of the club, who takes on engaging striptease.

No dress code
All friends

There are no dress codes nor selections: Anema and Core brings together vacationers, celebrities, businessmen, politicians, young people, older people, anyone who wants to have fun and get carried away by the rhythms of a Capri carefree night.

The show starts at 11 pm  and continues until the early hours of the morning.

A must in Capri

At the center of the shopping street par excellence, a few steps from the Piazzetta di Capri, “living room” of the world, between high end names and the grand hotel Quisisana, there is Anema and Core.

Those who choose Capri as a location for their holidays or as a destination for their yacht trip, have certainly heard of the Taverna. Anema e Core is a must for regulars and for those who arrive on the island for the first time.

In short, it is an obligatory stop for those who want to fully immerse themselves in the best and only authentic fun.

Cheers! Between Champagne room and drinks.

We like bubbles so much that we have dedicated a room to them. The Champagne room is a chic and reserved environment, where you can choose the bottle you prefer, enjoy an after-dinner drink or end the evening with a flute of perlage, listening to the musical performance of the Anema and Core Band in the background.

We love

Among the rosés and Champagnes, French labels triumph with Laurent Perrier, Moët, Cliquot as well as the classic Champagne Cristal, Dom Perignon, Krug, Rruinart, as per tradition.

The wine section ranges “Cervaro della sala”, “Vintage Tunina” by Jermann, to Tuscan reds such as Brunello, Sassicaia and Masseto. Sparkling aperitif with prosecco or Franciacorta wines, such as Ca ‘del bosco, Berlucchi, Ferrari.

Among the drinks that can be tasted there are: Light Blu, a “pounded” of blackberries, raspberries, brown sugar, washed down with vodka, blue curaçao and lime juice, a tribute to Dolce and Gabbana, among the most loyal stylists of the Taverna; Prosecco-based Anema and Core with Passoã and limoncello on a background of strawberries, berries and mint soda; Raspberry Passion, a drink based on raspberries and Midori; but the real gem are the super innovative molecular cocktails.

In Taverna there’s nothing missing

There is the arena, the largest area surrounding the venue, where the public, as if they were in the stands, participate standing or sitting at the tables. Then there is the Piazzetta, which is the private area in front of the stage, delimited by security: here the spectators watch the show more closely.

There is the bar area with wooden stools and benches, where you can discreetly participate, while still enjoying the live music of the Anema and Core Band; the cellar, one of the highlights of the Taverna, is a showcase where the best bottles and labels are displayed.