Guido Lembo was born in Capri to a fisherman’s family. Even if he frequently sailed with his father, music has been his passion from the beginning.
At 16 he leaves the island to start a physical and internal journey to discover himself. In 1972 he comes back to Capri and starts singing at the Guarracino club with his brothers. Married with two kids, in 1994 he opens his first club in Capri; he names it Anema e Core and it’s destined to become the most famous Taverna in the world.

His way of making music is based on emotional involvement and physical interaction with his fans: an authentic way to be together. An alternative to the usual kind of club, a revolution compared to traditional piano bars, an innovation in regards of the traditional concept of tavernas where Neapolitan music was once played.

Success comes early and with popular and international beats.

Today the most famous people in show business, politics and economics that have crossed Capri have spent at least one night at the Anema e Core, a night club nearby the Piazzetta. Its engaging and genuine show is put up by Guido Lembo and his band, an artist defined by international media as the true king of Capri.
The show is a real music, fun, positivity and enthusiasm explosion in its purest form.


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